Burlesque-Style Legwork for Cheststands

Note: This is an “InstaSnack” post – a snackable quick contortion exercise from my Instagram account. For more InstaSnacks, click here.

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Looking for some fun leg variations in a cheststand that aren’t just bicycling the legs forward and back? Let’s learn some leg swoops from our lovely pole and burlesque friends! The two biggest things to think about in these variations are keeping your knees glued together (the difference between looking pretty-performance-y and drunk-contortion-y) and pointing your toes (duh). Also breathing (double duh). . . Option 1️⃣ – One Leg at a Time: start with straight legs, glue your knees together, and bend one leg at the knee by dropping your foot straight down. Once at the bottom, swoop pit to the side to come back together at the top. . . Option 2️⃣ Pendulum Leg’s: start with straight legs slightly crossed at the ankles. Keeping knees glued together, swoop the front foot out to the side, down and around painting a circle with your toes. Once you can do this smoothly with the front leg, repeat with the back leg. The timing is up to you – the back leg swoop can almost immediately follow the front leg, or you can stagger it quite a bit. . . Option 3️⃣ Pinup Double Leg Swoops: Start with legs straight. Glue your knees together and bend at the knees to drop both feet down and into a circle together. You can either think about drawing a circle with your toes, or like your single-leg version, you can come straight down the middle, then swoop out to the side (half-circle or a D shape). Both variations look nice! . . Give one (or all!) of these a try and tag me so I can see your fun new leg shapes! . . . #contortion #contortionist #cheststand #chinstand #backbend #backbendpractice #bendyback #floorwork #polefloorwork #contortionchallenge

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